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EESTI NAINE, October 2019

Marit-i-me conscious and contemporary knitwear garments were included on the fashion pages (below) of a local women's magazine Eesti Naine October issue​. Marit-i me being one of the many Estonian knitwear brands emphasizing minimalistic shapes and the beauty of natural materials like alpaca, wool and silk blends.

Models in this shooting were yoga practitioners, Triinu Jõhve and Mariana Mutso from Aurora Yoga Studio, taking intriguing poses to demonstrate the cozy dresses and cardigans in unusual ways.

We thank Eesti Naine, Anne Metsis for the styling and text and the photographer Hele-Mai Alamaa!


Marit-i-me was contacted by Charlotte Giver early this fall asking the knitwear brand to be included on fashion pages of the UK based women's magazine Your Coffee Break. It was fun working with her and Fiona Reid for the interview which can be found here.

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