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Our story

Our hopes and dreams to be materialised...


Marit-i-me was born out of passion towards textiles and it's variety of textures. To combine the longtime tradition of knitting with the state-of-the-art patterns resulting in a knit garment full of character and pleasure to both look and wear is the ultimate mission of the brand, says its founder and designer, Marit Kuivonen. She named the brand after herself adding personalisation to symbolize the concept of dismissing fast fashion and short-living trends but creating long-lasting knitwear garments to love and live in her beautiful nordic seaside capital named Tallinn.

A garment is conceived when the yarn catches the eye of the knitter, she believes. Love at first sight they mingle until the vision is clear – cuddling elegance in the shape of a sweater. It all takes time, hours, days sometimes, so it's slow. Fashion? She believes in style rather. Style is when a woman knows what fits her body and character. It takes few wardrobe staples, timeless and long-lasting,  and results in less natural resources to be wasted.

The hope of marit-i-me is to offer garments made by talented Estonian artisans with 100% natural fiber yarns chosen carefully for their quality to stand the test of time, to make the owner experience the heart and soul of handmade and do so in support of our beautiful planet for many years to come.


Yours truly,


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